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let's freeze time

hi! i'm sylvia!

i'm your pittsburgh based wedding, family, and newborn photographer, but more than that, i am a wife to an incredible & supportive husband (see below), a (fur)mom to a beautiful golden retriever, & a christ follower.


i truly believe that photographs are amongst some of the most precious things that a person could own. time is so fleeting but a photo (or should i say phOddo!) is like a time capsule. it's taking a moment in time and freezing it forever. it's being able to go back and relive the memories and feelings you felt in that specific point in time. it's special. 

my ultimate goal is to tell your story through beautiful and thoughtful imagery with real and raw emotions for every occasion so that you can reminisce on your moments for years to come.

let's rewind time

hey, i'm ryan. 

i'm your pittsburgh wedding videographer and the husband of your talented and lighthearted photographer, sylvia.

while photos are a critical part of telling your wedding story, i believe that being able to actually watch the important parts of your day take place, hearing the sound of your loved ones voices, and being able to laugh at your best man's speech all over again really does add and enhance your wedding experience. 

sure, you may not watch your wedding video every day the way you look at your wedding photos hanging on your wall, but on those milestone anniversaries or even on a rainy Tuesday night curled up on the couch together, you can replay your special, once in a lifetime day, and rewind time for a few moments

my goal is to capture your day just as it is and make you the star in your very own love story.

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